1  Jethro Tull invented the seed drill in 1701

Tull made the first seed drill this is a paramount invention because before seeds were scattered by hand before. With the seed drill, the seed is placed behind a horse, and it is planned in a straight line. I think this is a critical invention because this way you can produce way more in a smaller amount of time and less waste. When the crops are ready, it is easier to harvest since it is in a straight line. This invention made farming a lot more efficient


2 Martin Behaim invented the first map globe. 1409

This invention was one of the most revolutionary things. So simple yet so important. The first map was made however people were skeptical of the world being a flat surface and having edges where the earth just ended. Creating the globe and having a 3d component to it really revolutionize the thinking of many people and the traveling done. Without the globe, traveling today would not be the same. Our understanding of many routes would be extremely different. This invention helped with the transportation of humans, cargo, and trade which has ultimately made society what it is today.


3 Dutchmen, Zacharias Janssen invents the compound microscope. 1590 and Anton Van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723 who made it better

1590 and Anton Van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723 who made it better

This invention had effect in science in many ways, Even though the first microscope can only magnify nine times but this Idea leads to Van Leeuwenhoek who made a real microscope which can magnify up to 270 times he also was the first to see the bacteria. This invention showed the scientist a new world now they can see cells that we can’t see without our naked eyes and solved many more problems that we couldn’t solve before.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 5.29.45 PM.png

4 silk from China 3600 BC

Silk was first found by the wife of Yellow Emperor Hsi-Lin-Shih. She discovers that the silk produced by a silkworm could be made into thread. And she also invented the loom which increases the efficiency for weaving cloth. This is an important invention because it opened up trade for China. Since everyone wants this material. This lead to the silk road which is a major trade route.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 5.31.26 PM.png

5 Alcohol back to 10000 years

Alcohol has been an item that has been consumed and produced by humans for the past thousand years. Alcohol has been extremely important in every culture. It has been used a source of energy, nutrition, medical aid and social cohesion. Alcohol helps with the pleasure of each other’s company along with the pleasure of consuming it with food. Medical units also use alcohol as a pharmacological aid to help with the bacterial infection. I believe that alcohol has been an invention that has been able to stick with society for so long which truly portrays its importance to us. Alcohol is something that has so many uses which show how versatile it really is. Having various uses, alcohol is an invention that has been able to stick with us so long, and I cannot see it ever disappearing from society.


6 paper 100BC china

I think the paper is one of the most important inventions because, without it, we wouldn’t know our history, we couldn’t pass on our knowledge to the next generation. The paper is very cheap to make and convenient to carry with. If we didn’t have this invention books won’t exist, money wouldn’t exist, the paper to dry your hands won’t exist, and the tissue you use to blow your nose won’t exist. This invention made life easier for everyonescreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-5-34-33-pm

7 William Shakespeare (1564-  1616)

William Shakespeare has a huge influence on plays and storybooks. The technique he uses to describe emotions is on point, and this method has passed on and gotten better. In his story, he made all his characters compelling, and the way he put the words into a sentence is a unique talent. He revolutionizes storybook writing. He is important because he influenced writer to write better to deliver the message they want to the reader more accurately.


8 Isaac Newton’s (theory of gravity) (1643-1727)

After taking a physic class, I know how important this guy is. He is a genius he first found out what gravity is by sitting under an apple tree. His three law of motion is crucial for the topic of physic. His first Law “ the law of inertia” which means when the object is in motion they want to keep on doing what they are doing. Second Law is an equation which is Force= Mass times Acceleration and third law is “ every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.” This 3 law become the building block for physics. He also invents a new type of math call Calculus. His theory explains many mysteries and helps physic take huge steps forward.


9 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo da Vinci is a creative engineer, he came up with the first designs for flight machines but at the time he doesn’t have the resources to make its design come true. His designed for parachute were used later on. He is also Invented musical instruments, hydraulic pumps reversible crank mechanisms. His also is an artist his most famous for his painting “The Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa.” The painting “the last supper is very important to the Christians because it describes and shows people should serve others not just themselves or expect other to serve them. And there is much more meaning that you can find from this painting it is incredible. The other painting “Mona Lisa” It is worldwide known it is a first painting that use of 1 point perspective and it is a new way to paint. At that time in 1503 Women are not suppose to look at any man directly if it’s not her husband but this painting did the opposite. It probably gave many females the courage to change how it wasn’t fair for a man to be the dominant sex.

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-5-38-16-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-5-38-11-pm

10 The Athenians teacher and student  (427-347 BC)

Socrates is a father of philosophy and the love of wisdom he changed how we challenge our thinking. His goal was for that the following generation can be independent and think for themselves. His student Plato, he taught a human to have the desire to reach higher and more spiritual truth his was opposite of his teacher he believes in the physical. This two people help human think better and live a better life. (left is Socrates and right is Plato)

Portrait Herm of 220px-plato_silanion_musei_capitolini_mc1377

11 Alexander the Great (356BC- 323BC)

Coming from Macedonia, Alexander the Great was arguably one of the greatest warriors and generals of all time. At a young age, Alexander the Great was able to conquer more land area than any previous ruler of his age. Additionally, he was able to do this at such a young age. His accomplishments ranged from uniting Greece to conquering Persia and India and creating the greatest empire ever known to mankind. Despite all the conquering he did, Alexander the great was able to change the route of history. The West is what it is because of the culture he established while conquering them. He was able to do all of this in a short period of time in 13 years. Alexander the great was able to change the world in 13 years which is quite a feat that will never be challenged. Without Him, everything about the Greece will not exist today.


12  Toothpaste (5000 BC)

This invention primarily protects the teeth. I think it is important because without teeth you can’t eat, and you will die quicker this way. Plus the food is fantastic. This invention expands the lifespan of an average human.


13 the Wheel 3400 BCE

The wheel was first used in Mesopotamia as a cylindrical object. The construction of the wheel back then was insanely hard. If the edges were not perfectly smooth, then the wheel would not function well due to friction. This invention was not the best at first but is extremely important and instrumental to today’s society. It helped transporting items much easier with the wheelbarrow. Also, wheels were used for chariots back then. The wheel is an invention that is still used today for so many different objects that range from bikes to cars. The wheel has been extremely instrumental to many things we use to travel with.


14 Money(trade) 3000 BCE

Money is something that we use every day. Every day all our transactions are understood in monetary values. Every time I go out to eat and socialize; I usually spend some sort of money on transactions whether it be paying for food or movie tickets. Money has been the staple of how we value products or services. Back then it was used for the same purpose. The idea of bargaining with products for products or services for services was changed to trading with money. Using a finite universal object that has a set value in exchange for products and services has been vital to the economy. Using the money to trade is something that everyone uses and is constantly happening around us. Money and commerce are something that has stuck with society since its invention. This invention made transactions much easier for now and in the ancient time. Now We do not have to carry everything with us we could just trade it for some papers that are call “money” that have the same value


15 Movable Type China 1000

Movable Type was developed in China as a way to implement the system of typing and typography using components to reproduce elements of a document. Despite not being the most popular invention in China, it helped pave the way for future typewriters and similar instruments in Europe. This invention was expensive and slow which resulted into many people not opting in to use it. However, this directly correlated into the invention of the movable type printing press which has led to our keyboards today. The movable type was the original invention that started the whole idea of keyboard and typing as a more effective mean of transcribing information.


16 steam engine 1712

A heat engine that uses that performs mechanical work using the steam produced by the liquid water. The steam engine condenses the water and heats it up. It then uses the condensed atmospheric pressure created to use it to power its mechanical work. The steam engine was important as many say it helped fuel the industrial revolution which has lasting impacts until today. Steam engine helped push through many inventions ranging from transportation such as steamships to various machines in factories. The steam engine really revolutionized uses for steam power during the industrial revolution which has had impacts on today’s generation.

17  Calendar 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII

Gregorian Calendar was first introduced by Pope Gregory. The calendar was named after the pope and has quickly become the most widely used calendar in the world. The biggest change with the Gregorian calendar was the leap year concept. It was decided that every year that is exactly divisible by 4 be a leap year. This idea has stuck with us until today as each year is 365.25 days and every 4th year is 366 which accounts for the extra day in February. Calendar helped us to keep track of what day or what month it is. It helps us to prepare for, season, what crop should we grow… This calendar concept has stuck with us until today which shows how important this concept was.


18 Crop rotation

Crop rotation is a system of growing different crops in the same area in various seasons, so it does not erode the soil as quickly. The point of this system is to aid with soil erosion and to increase soil fertility to that field. Growing the same crop year after year depletes the soil of its nutrients at a much faster rate. Crop rotation really improved knowledge of growing crops back in the day. That system has really contributed to improving harvesting up until today. This method increases the quality and quantity of the crops enormously. It was a great change for the farmers. Crop rotation is still used for today’s conventional farming and organic farming. The knowledge gained from crop rotation has stuck with the farmers today. By using crop rotation, farmers have increased the longevity of the soil by improving the soil fertility and structure.

19 Computer/Internet   1973/1982

The computer has been arguably one of the most important devices we use in today’s society. A living proof of that is as I am typing this up I am using a computer to write this assignment. The person reading my writing is using a computer to view my writing. The computer has revolutionized the way we think and interact. The computer has lead to social media and many means of communication between people across the world. It has made it infinitely easier to connect with people to make more friends and create better relationships. The computer also makes studying and education a lot simpler. This invention just made everything so much easier. Apply jobs throughout the world, buying items from any store you want. The computer also is one of the primary tools we are moving forward. This invention will improve our tech knowledge even better. However, it also does provide more distractions but if used in the correct way a person can utilize the computer to learn almost anything he or she desires.

20) Light bulb/ electricity

Before the light bulb was invented no homes have signed up for electricity, Now almost everyone has it. This invention made people read more, with this night classes are available. There is a rise in education, technological and production of goods because of the light bulb. Production of good increase because employees can work at night and this means people can earn more money, more jobs. This invention basically made night almost the same as the day if you want too. I can’t imagine our lives without light bulbs

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